2022 Spring Summer Color Trend


History has accelerated our changing. Lockdown, isolation, smart-working, hygiene obsession and our private space turned public have reversed our priority. And we've been changed.


The myth of Nature, the new wild 3.0 House turn in garden, public square and cities turn in new jungle. We look for nature and nature inspires us and determines our priorities. Zero emissions, sustainability, osmosis between nature, our homes, ourself and our human impact on Her.

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The public and private dimensions meet in a new manifestation of our own self. Informality and disinhibition will be new stylistic figures. The bottom and the top are in contrast on motifs and materials. The comfort of one, the elegance and refinement of the other. Our home universe is the new source of artistic inspiration.

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We are made to look, to touch, to feel each other. The world is not an aseptic container but a splendid playground and experimentation ground. Obsession with cleaning, the detergent, the disinfectant will have a more colorful and experimental declination. Colors of the detergents, the soap bottles, the surfaces will become new knitted surfaces that play with a very positive and optimistic, colorful and young streetwear.

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