The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world for several years and is reflected as an extreme downturn in the global political economy and social culture. Due to the environmental destruction continuing from the 20th century, the Earth is now demanding a price from humankind. In fact, the signs are slowly appearing around the world. All of this results in fatal damage to human health and safety, so governments, organizations, and the public worldwide are struggling with suggestions and actions to eliminate and prevent extreme damage caused by various bacteria, viruses, and environmental destruction. SPARKLON can be a good solution for these concerns of the public.

SPARKLON is a functional textile manufactured by endowing conductivity by binding copper (Cu) and ions to existing textile materials (acrylic, nylon and polyester, etc.) through a special chemical reaction, thereby giving the textile outstanding conductivity and antibiotic action, which are innate properties of copper (Cu).

Excellent antibiotic function and powerful deodorization function

A high level of antibiotic action is required for garments that come in direct contact with skin. The copper (Cu) bound in SPARKLON is harmless to the human body and provides a 99.9% antibiotic function by simultaneously destroying microbes and bacteria. At the same time, the effect of the oligodynamic action of copper ions on the extinction of the causal virus of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, by destroying the coat protein or disintegrating the genome of the virus upon encounter, has been well demonstrated.

In addition, it has excellent deodorization effects because it is capable of suppressing the proliferation of and even extinguishing various bacteria that are the cause of foul odor.

Static electricity prevention effect and ANTI-DUST function

SPARKLON is also equipped with an outstanding static electricity prevention effect due to its high conductivity. Ignition by static electricity when refueling a vehicle or being in the vicinity of inflammable industrial sites and inflammable materials at home can lead to substantial casualties due to fire. In particular, since winter garments generally generate a lot of static electricity due to their characteristics, SPARKLON can be a solution to markedly reduce accidents due to ignition by static electricity.

In addition, the phenomenon of imparting secondary damages to the human body by inhaling the fine dust collected on garments due to static electricity can be prevented by the ANTI-DUST effect of SPARKLON based on its powerful static electricity prevention effect

There is no need for frequent washing due to the soiling of SPARKLON because of its powerful deodorization and ANTI-DUST functions. In addition, the release of approximately 700,000 microplastic particles (based on a single washing of synthetic fabric) can be prevented by washing SPARKLON less, along with a reduction in the use of water and electricity. This will prevent further damage to the ecosystem caused by microplastics, save water and power by reducing the use of fossil fuels that generate electricity, and protect the environment with the proper use of water. SPARKLON is the best choice that considers the environment and ecosystem along with having powerful antibiotic functions and other useful functions.


Sparklon could be anti-bacterial at the level of 99.9% and prevent bacteria from reproducing, because Copper ion destroys the cellular tissue of microscopic organism and bacteria.

Once being exposed to virus, copper ion destroys its coat protein or decomposes its genome. U.S NIH (National Institutes of Health), co-worked with five research institutions demonstrate that copper ion is significantly effective for destroying COVID19 virus.


With electro-conductive Copper ion, Sparklon is highly anti-static and anti-electromagnetic, and also protect human body against electromagnetic waves emitted from household appliances

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